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The future has a more democratic way to access justice, civic info. and the law

Improving Justice and Access to Law shouldn't hard, and we are about to do it together in the Blockchain and Web3 Era

Sample of Focus Areas

The list is not exhaustive

Legal Identity, Travel & Migration

Smart Contracts & Crypto-Currency

Climate, Land, Wildlife & the Environment

Democracy & Civic Participation

Intellectual Property

Children, Human Rights & Civic Litigation

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KARL Blockchain Researcher

My main area as a researcher since 2018 is blockchain technologies. I like this

Susan Lawyer

Having a community dedicated to blockchain and global justice is a great initiative

Tanya D Advocates4Earth.org

I want to understand blockchain. And how it is applicable to climate, environment and wildlife advocacy. I am an environmental activist

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    Welcome to the Future! JusticeBlock: Linking Law, Justice & Blockchain